Questions come from many well-respected sources, including NY Regents and other state assessments.
Problems are organized topically and also by original test (state, subject, year and grade)
Visual Selection
Select problems visually. Click on exactly what you want for your document.
Drag and Drop Arrangement
Problem-Attic is more than a test generator. Quickly create all kinds of classroom materials.
Scoring App
The new Scoring App shows result summaries by class, student and problem.
Font Icons
Problem-Attic has thousands of ready-to-use font icons organized by topic.
Multiple Choice
Create a multiple-choice block as easily as a list. Problem-Attic does the formatting automatically.
Use Your Own Images
Upload your own images. They will look beautiful in Problem-Attic!
Math Editor
Insert equations with the built-in math editor.
Symbols and Math
Need a special symbol? Math, Greek, and other characters are organized in palettes.
Problem-Attic has a full-featured table editor that supports shading, borders, headers and captions.