Content Overview

The table below shows what’s in the Problem-Attic database.  The item counts are current as of 4/10/2018.  The database, however, is constantly growing. The NY Regents and State Assessments are updated about twice a year, and new titles get added every few months.  To see what’s new, you can return to this page or just login and click through the links on the main Select page.

Please note that EAS original content requires a school subscription.  All other content is freely available.  If you have not done so already, you should sign up for a Problem-Attic account.  Within minutes you'll be using the database to create beautiful, fully-customized teaching materials!

Subject / Title Items Grades Notes
EAS original content
Math Standards (and “Meta Framework”) 30700 1–12 CCSS, VA SOLs, TX TEKS, OK OAS
SAT math prep. 3444 HS may also be useful for PSAT
ACT math prep. 3210 HS
AP Calculus 2926 HS
AP Stats 3200 HS
Pre-Alg to Pre-Calc 10996 MS/HS all free-response and short tasks
AP Chemistry 1540 HS
AP Biology 606 HS (draft, will get expanded during summer/fall 2018)
Math in Spanish 8280 1–5 one-to-one match with English
State Assessments
Math 27965 3-12 a small portion is for K–2
Science 12680 3-12
Social Studies 4375 3-12
ELA 23680 3-12
New York Regents
Math 11370 7–12 +111 in the Play Area (Regents Samplers)
Science 26790 7–12 +277 in the Play Area (Regents Samplers)
Social Studies 11200 8-12 +117 in the Play Area (Regents Samplers)
English 5379 HS
U.S. and International
Math 2570 3–12
Science 710 3–12
Social Studies 1530 4–12
ELA 1620 3–12
Spanish 165 3–8 UDAC has one-to-one match with English
Math 6730 3–12
ELA 2820 3–12
Social Studies 25 8–12
Spanish 1474 3–12 PARCC/NJMC one-to-match with English
Academic Competitions
NC State contests 4615 HS
Western Carolina Univ contests 4751 HS
UNC Charlotte contests 1795 HS
NC Science Olympiad 3360 1-12 years 2016 and 2017
Other titles
North Carolina math stds. 2400 1–12
Western Canada math curric. 1280 1–12
Quantitative comparison 1010 MS/HS formerly on the SAT