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Data is great, but it’s not enough.  With Problem-Attic, you’ve got the tools you need to act on the data, from the world’s largest online bank of questions to the most flexible formatting and delivery system.

  • 280,000 questions from well-respected sources

    NY Regents and other states’ released tests, curriculum guides, academic competitions, SBAC, PARCC, NAEP, TIMSS, PISA, and more.  All subjects, all grades, all in one place.
    Content Overview

  • More than a test generator

    Use Problem-Attic for embedded assessments, differentiated instruction, blended and online learning, exit tickets, games, flash cards, slideshows, even problem-of-the-day calendars.
    Sample Documents

  • Problem-Attic makes all of your other classroom technology better!

    • Outstanding content for your 1:1, BYOD, or digital learning initiative.
    • Export quizzes to your LMS:  Schoology, Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, and others.
    • Deliver questions to student devices or share through Google Classroom.
    • Create a slideshow with built-in scoring; get instant feedback with QR codes.
    • Do mashups, remixes, playlists—post links to the questions you choose.

    Read more about the technology side of the program.

    Content Curation Done Right

    5500 source documents

    Questions are re-organized by topic, individually selectable, and re-formattable for all kinds of new documents.  Credits

    62,000 paired questions

    Create pre- and post-tests, make-up tests, forms A/B, and more.  Details

    1800 reading passages

    Filter and sort by title, genre, grade, word count, readability, and theme.  Details

    350 formula charts

    Easy to select for states, subjects, and grades—for AP exams, too.  Details

    60,000 graphics files

    We don't just curate questions, we make all of their pictures and diagrams available as ‘stimulus’ for new questions.  Details

    20,000 questions in Spanish

    Switch instantly for English language learners and bilingual programs.  Details

    30 grid-in styles

    Insert an answer grid to match any standardized test.  Details

    Quality and Flexibility

    There are no compromises with Problem-Attic. Even with its smart, automated features, you still control everything from font size and style to columns, borders, labels, problems per page, spacing, and more.

    Problem-Attic will make your best work look its best, whether it’s delivered online or in print.  Because it’s a real publishing system, you get options which are not available with any other item bank or assessment platform. (Click options to learn more.)

    Problem-Attic Firsts

    The database is impressive.  So is the technology behind it.  Problem-Attic leads the way in innovation with its advanced item-handling and production capabilities.

    • Instant re-formatting of questions for eight types of documents
    • Automatic scale-to-fit for flash cards, slideshows, and online tests
    • Automatic conversion of multiple-choice to free-response
    • Dozens of export options, including IMS-QTI and PowerPoint
    • Technology-enhanced items which are valid in printed form
    • “Floating figures” for more efficient page layout
    • Directions and problem stimulus that repeat only when necessary

    Software that teachers love to use

    We are proud to serve teachers in tens of thousands of schools in all 50 states.  We hear from our subscribing schools that Problem-Attic is one of the best investments they’ve made in educational technology, because it’s easy to use, it serves a real purpose, and it helps them achieve their goals for assessment, instruction, and online learning.

    More than a quarter million teachers have signed up for Problem-Attic.  Read these testimonials and feel the love!

    If you’re not already a registered user of Problem-Attic, you should sign up.  All it takes is your name and email address.  Then you’ll have access to 220,000 questions and a complete set of tools for creating and sharing documents and customizing your curriculum—totally free!  Sign up now.