Ordering information

A Problem-Attic subscription is school-wide, and the price is based on enrollment. The tiers are shown here:

number of students price ordering code
2800 or more $ 1695 SRG28
< 2800 $ 1595 SR028
< 2200 $ 1495 SR022
< 1800 $ 1395 SR018
< 1400 $ 1295 SR014
< 1200 $ 1195 SR012
< 1000 $ 1095 SR010
<  800 $  995 SR080
<  600 $  895 SR060
<  400 $  795 SR040
<  200 $  695 SR020

The number of students is the total in grades 1–12. We don’t count Kindergarten or Pre-K. Also, we round down and usually consider a school to be in the next lower tier if its published enrollment number is within 20 of the cut-off.

Important: a Problem-Attic subscription is for one school site, as defined here. Within the school, the subscripton supports teachers in all grades and core subjects: math, science, social studies, and ELA. For multiple schools or a district-wide purchase, we offer quantity discounts. Please contact us for details.

How to purchase a subscription

If you are considering Problem-Attic for your school, an important first step is to fill out a subscription form.  This gets your school’s information into our system and it tells us who will be the main contact person.  It does not obligate you to purchase anything.  In fact, you can use the form to request a price quote.  Activation will not occur until you confirm that an order is being placed.

If you are planning to submit a purchase order, it helps if you fill out a subscription form in advance.  Then, when your PO arrives, we’ll know who to contact about setting up the account and adding teachers. If you need need to register our company as a vendor, here is a signed W9 form and sole source letter.

Steps for filling out a subscription form

Note: the person who fills out the form must be a registered user of Problem-Attic. Sign up is free.

  1. Log in, then click Plans in the main menu (top of the screen).  Choose Subscription form.

  2. Assuming you are logged in, click Continue to form.

  3. Fill out the form (see details below).  If you’re definitely placing an order, select a payment method.  Otherwise, if you just want a price quote, select “No order yet”.

  4. Read the School Subscription Terms. If they are acceptable, click the Submit button.

  5. We will send you an email confirming receipt of your form.  If appropriate, we will ask for confirmation that you are placing an order.  Depending on your payment method, we can normally activate a subscription the same or next day.

    Unless you tell us differently, we assume the person who fills out the form will be the administrator of the account.  The main responsiblity is to add/remove teachers, which is simple and takes very little time.  For an overview, see license management. For step-by-step instructions, see admin instructions.

    Important: If you fill out the subscription form and someone else is going to serve as the administrator, please have that person email us (support@problem-attic.com), so we can communicate with him/her directly.  The administrator has to be a registered user of Problem-Attic, and any change has to made at our end.

Details about the form

For your school name, please be as specific as possible.  If your school has a commonly recognized name, use it instead of a longer formal name.  For example, you could enter “New Arts Academy” instead of “New Technology and Arts High School Academy”.  We verify all names and will not accept a district office or generic name instead of a school.  Please see School Subscription Terms for our definition of a school site.

Be sure to enter your complete address and phone number.  If you have a separate billing and shipping address, the billing address is usually better.  Please keep in mind that Problem-Attic is 100% web-based, so there is no physical product to deliver.  All notices are sent by email, with the possible exception of an invoice, which some districts prefer to be sent through regular mail.

Choose one of the four radio buttons to indicate your payment method.  Based on your selection, we will send you an invoice or price quote, which you can then forward to your billing/accounts payable dept.

  • Submitting purchase order  If you provide the PO number, we can usually activate a subscription the same day.  Otherwise, if you leave off the number and we don’t have any prior communication regarding your order, we will generally send a price quote and then follow up with you.

  • Paying by credit card  If you want to pay by credit card, with or without a PO, we will send you a link for entering your credit card information online. (Please do not send it by email, because it’s not secure.) After confirmation of payment, we will activate your account and send instructions for getting started.

  • Invoice me (terms are net 30 days)  If you wish to place an order without a PO, we can bill you.  Before we can activate your school subscription, however, you will need to confirm by email that you are placing an order and the invoice will be submitted for payment.  (We don’t need to wait on the payment itself.)

  • No order yet, send price quote  If you just want a quote, we’re happy to send it to you in electronic form (as a PDF file).  When you are ready, you can subscribe using any of the above options.  You won’t need to fill out the form again.  Instead, you can confirm by email that you are placing an order, and we’ll activate your account.

If you need help with the subscription form or have questions about ordering, please contact us.  We look forward to serving you!