Free Account vs. School-Wide Subscription

Free School
220,000 questions from:
  • state-released tests & curriculum documents
  • U.S. and international assessments
  • NY Regents exams
  • academic competitions
Document templates for tests/worksheets, overheads, flashcards & calendars; dozens of formatting options including headers, font size, columns and spacing
Create and download PDFs; add formula charts; hosting by Problem-Attic;
sharing through Google Classroom
Divide a document into parts; add directions; separate problems by type.
Add objectives; convert multiple-choice to free-response; insert custom answer spaces like graphs, numberlines and “griddables”
Navigation panel; Add, Filter and Sort buttons; mark problems as favorites
for re-use later
Organize documents in folders and turn them into a custom database;
“public links” for sharing documents with other teachers
Additional content
  • 35,000 standards-based questions for math grades 1–12,
    Common Core, Texas, Virginia and Oklahoma
  • 20,000 questions for AP Calculus, Statistics, Biology and Chemistry; ACT/SAT math prep.
  • 11,000 questions (free-response and short tasks) for Pre-Alg to Pre-Calc
  • 8,000 questions in Spanish for grades 1–5; one-to-one match with English; automatic language switching
  • Reading collection—1800 passages organized by genre, grade, word count, and readability score—and by theme for easy pairing.
  • Coming in the 2020--2021 school year: original database for reading with approximately 800 new passages and 6000 questions.
Technology extensions
  • Built-in scoring app for real-time formative assessment
  • Create slideshows, online tests, and “bubble sheets”
  • Export questions to a Google Quiz Form
  • Do sharing and scheduling through Google Classroom
  • Use QR Codes with PDFs and slideshows
  • Export a quiz to your LMS (Schoology, Canvas, ItsLearning, and others)
  • Collaborative development tools; school and district sharing with Framework Builder
  • P-A Countdown, a fun and stimulating game that’s also a demonstration app for our API.
Full-featured editor
  • Support for all common question types, including interactive
  • Smart handling of repeated figures and problem stimulus
  • Thousands of font icons for pictographs and illustrations
  • Clipart library: 60,000 graphics in P-A organized by topic
  • “Live” math editor (formats as you type)
  • Edit any of P-A’s questions or reading passages, or write your own
  • Write multiple-choice so that it's instantly convertible to free-response
  • Format questions beautifully whether they're printed or delivered online