Instructions for managing your school account

If your school has a subscription to Problem-Attic and you are the administrator, then you can start creating individual teacher accounts and they can start using the additional program features and content.

  1. Log in to Problem-Attic as usual.

  2. At the top-right of the page, you’ll see your user ID (email address).   Click your ID and choose Manage from the drop-down menu.

  3. You’ll see the License Management page.  This is visible only to you and (optionally) one other person at your school who acts as your deputy.

  4. Under License Management, the most important options are for the list of authorized users.  This is where you add email addresses for teachers at your school.  There are two ways to add them:

    • One at a time.  This is done by clicking the Add One button.  Simply type or paste in an address.  Problem-Attic does not need a first or last name or angle brackets, just the address.

    • Uploading a list.  This is done with a plain text file that you create.  It should have one email address per line (no other information).  You can save it anywhere on your computer and give it any file name.  Click the Upload button on the License Management page in Problem-Attic.  Then use your computer’s Open dialog to browse for and select the file.

      Here’s a sample list:

      Important:  the file must be plain text.  A program like Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) is best for this purpose.  If you use a word processor or spreadsheet, be sure to save the file without any formatting information or hidden characters, and be sure to preserve line breaks.

  5. After adding addresses, you should normally send each teacher an activation email.  This is done by checking one or more boxes and clicking the Activate button.  The email is auto-generated.  It tells teachers how to get started.  If a teacher has not already signed up, the email contains an activation link.  In effect, this lets teachers skip the normal registration process; however, they are still required to accept the Terms of Service and set a password.

    If you want to read the email, put a checkmark next to your name only, click Activate, then look in your inbox.  Sometimes, to get teachers’ attention or prevent Problem-Attic emails from going into a spam folder, it’s best to write your own email and send it out in advance.  You can announce the subscription or provide background information about Problem-Attic.  Then you can send the auto-generated emails.  If a teacher doesn’t receive one, you can repeat the process.

    Note:  If a teacher has already signed up for Problem-Attic with the same email address as you provide, then the teacher’s account will get merged into your school subscription.  This happens as soon as you submit or upload the address.  All previously-created documents will be preserved.

  6. As an option, you can appoint one of the authorized users (teachers) to be your Deputy.  Then that person can also add/delete email addresses and help with other administrative tasks.

  7. If you like, on the License Management page, you can click the Edit button and add/change information about your school.  The Tagline is intended for a motto or identifying statement, like “Home of the Fighting Chieftains”.  The Description is meant to remind teachers that their account is part of a school-wide subscription, although you can use it to communicate other information.  Both the Tagline and Description show up under your School Name on the Subscribe tab (which is visible to teachers).  As the account administrator, your contact information shows up there also.

If you need any help adding teachers’s or managing your Problem-Attic account, please call or email us.  We appreciate your business very much, and we look forward to serving the teachers at your school.

The Problem-Attic Team at EducAide Software
Phone: 800-669-9405 toll-free / 707-554-6505 local
(phone hours are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Pacific time)