School Subscription Terms

1. Overview

EducAide, the developer of Problem-Attic, offers additional content and services to schools on a subscription basis. School subscriptions are available in the U.S. and Canada only, support up to sixty teachers at one site, and renew annually.

This document provides the Terms and Conditions that govern a school subscription (“Terms”). The person who initially sets up the account (the “Administrator”) warrants that he or she is authorized to do so on behalf of the school.

The first step in setting up a school account is filling out a subscription form in Problem-Attic. The process is described here. If you are the Administrator, make sure you have read this entire page before filling out the form. You will not be allowed to submit the form unless you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Terms.

2. What’s Included

A school subscription includes the additional content and services that are listed on Problem-Attic’s home page and explained in more detail here. You may view samples of the content and, after signing up for a free account, try the for-pay options in the Play Area. Please do a thorough evaluation before you make a decision to subscribe.

A school subscription expires on June 30th unless it is renewed according to these Terms or purchased for an extended period. The ending date of the subscription is fixed. The term “one year’ means the period July to June. It is not tied to the purchase date or the start or end of a school year.

A school subscription includes up to sixty individual accounts. (For very large schools, this number can be increased by special arrangement with EducAide.) One of the individual accounts is for the Administrator. After the subscription is activated, the Administrator assigns the other accounts to teachers, normally by uploading a list of email addresses. See the sections called “Administrator Responsiblities” and “Authorized Users” for more information.

3. Licensing Restrictions

The content in Problem-Attic is for use only by school employees and by students under their direct supervision. This is true regardless of whether the content is delivered in printed or electronic form, such as an HTML slideshow or online test. The content must not be used for a distance education course unless all of the students in that course are enrolled full-time at the school. If a distance education course serves homebound students or students from multiple schools, please contact EducAide about special permissions.

These Terms do not supercede or in any way modify the website’s Terms of Service, which all users must agree to when creating an individual account. Specifically, a school subscription does not grant any additional rights to the content in Problem-Attic, whether the content is for-pay or available for free. All content is licensed (not sold), and restrictions on use still apply. A teacher whom EducAide determines to be in violation of the Terms of Service may be denied access to the website.

EducAide reserves the right to add, remove or alter content and change the free and for-pay services on Problem-Attic at any time and without notice.

4. Definition of a School

Any public or private K-12 school may purchase a subscription, provided:

  • The school is under the legal supervision of one principal, headmaster or lead teacher who shall act as, or shall designate another person to act as, the Administrator of the school account.
  • The school is uniquely identifiable by name and address. For licensing purposes, the name shall include any qualifier that distinguishes it from other schools, such as “Northwest Campus” or “Freshman Center”.
  • The school’s enrollment is known to the public, and students attend a majority of their classes on-site.

A district is not considered a school, even if the district occupies a single campus or all buildings share the same address. For a rural or very small district, each uniquely-named school must purchase its own subscription. However, the price may be discounted due to low student enrollment. Please contact EducAide for more information.

Tutoring centers, homeschool affiliations, virtual or online schools, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, generally do not meet the above criteria for a school and may not purchase a subscription without special approval by EducAide.

When filling out a subscription form, the Administrator is asked to provide a school name. EducAide reserves the right to abbreviate or slightly alter the name for licensing purposes. Typically this means dropping a first name and shortening the description. For example, John Quincy Adams Junior High School may become Adams JHS. The Administrator has an option in Problem-Attic for adding a “tagline” (a school motto, for example) that appears on most documents.

5. Price, Payment and Renewal

The price of a subscription is based on school size (number of students), and discounts are available for quantity or district-wide purchases. There is no proration based on the time of year, but there may be special offers in the winter and spring. Please contact EducAide for more information.

Important: A school subscription is for the one-year period July 1st to June 30th. This period is fixed; it is not based on when a subscription is purchased. During the months of May and June, however, EducAide will typically give schools an early start for the following year. There is no refund for cancellation or termination before June 30th.

A school can purchase a subscription by credit card or by submitting a purchase order. EducAide may, at its discretion, activate a subscription in advance of receiving payment or a PO. Payment terms are net 30 days, and late payments may be subject to a 1.5% fee per month.

EducAide reserves the right to change the school subscription price or change licensing terms after June 30th. There is no guaranteed renewal rate. Approximately 60 days before the end of the subscription period, EducAide will send notification, via email, to the Administrator regarding renewal options.

6. Administrator Responsibilities

The Administrator of the school account has the following responsibilities.

  • Manage the list of Authorized Users. This means adding the email address for each teacher or other employee who is authorized to use Problem-Attic under the school subscription. This also means the prompt removal of an email address from the list if the teacher or employee leaves the school.
  • Make sure Authorized Users are able to receive activation, password reset, and other important emails from Problem-Attic or EducAide. The Administrator may be asked to help solve certain technical problems related to spam filters or firewalls.
  • Make a good faith effort to insure that Authorized Users abide by the Problem-Attic Terms of Service especially with regard to the copying, distribution, and posting of links to documents.
  • Click here for details about adding and removing users.

7. Authorized Users

Under a school subscription, the Administrator may authorize any teacher or other person who has official duties at the school to access the additional content and features, provided:

  • The person is a full- or part-time employee and spends more than 50% of the working day at the school;
  • The person is a volunteer aide and agrees to use Problem-Attic only for official duties at the school.
  • The person is a district employee and agrees not to use Problem-Attic at another school (or distribute documents to another school) unless that school also has a subscription.
  • Click here for details about adding and removing users.

8. Email Notifications

Because Problem-Attic is a web-based service, EducAide sends all notifications by email. You are responsible for making sure that your address is correct and that emails do not get blocked by a spam filter or firewall. If you need to change your address, you can do so by logging in to Problem-Attic and going to account settings.

When you first register for Problem-Attic, EducAide sends you an email asking you to activate your account. This is a means of verifying your address and is a condition for your making use of the website (see Terms of Service). If you do not receive an activation email or confirmation of your subscription, please contact EducAide right away for assistance. Otherwise, you may lose access to the website.

9. No Refunds, Cancelling your Subscription

EducAide has a NO REFUNDS policy for a school subscription, and you specifically agree to this policy when you make a purchase.

There are a few exceptions to the above policy. EducAide will issue a refund if a school is double-billed or otherwise charged an incorrect amount on a credit card, or if an Administrator is unable to activate individual user accounts and the problem cannot be resolved in a timely manner with EducAide’s assistance.

Because of the no refunds policy, cancelling a school subscription means essentially the same thing as not renewing it. If a school decides not to renew, authorized users can access the for-pay content and services for the remainder of the subscription period, and may use the free part of Problem-Attic thereafter, assuming they are in otherwise compliance with the Terms of Service.

As an alternative, a school may terminate its account immediately by sending written notice to EducAide. In such a situation, the individual user accounts would not be closed, but instead would be converted to free Problem-Attic accounts. Users who were previously authorized under the school account would still have access to their documents but would immediately lose access to the subscription features.

EducAide may terminate a school account at any time if (1) the school is in violation of these Terms; (2) the Administrator is not fullfilling his or her responsibilities; or (3) any authorized user is in violation of the Problem-Attic Terms of Service.

10. Privacy

EducAide’s Privacy Policy tells what information is collected when someone makes use of the website. The only additional information that is collected under a school subscription is related to purchasing. This includes the work address of employees and possibly credit card details for the school. EducAide agrees not to disclose this information and to safeguard it in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

11. Contact Information

If you have questions about subscriptions or need assistance placing an order, please contact us by phone or email.

EducAide Software
PO Box 1048
Vallejo, CA 94590 USA
800-669-9405 toll-free
707-554-6505 local
707-554-9600 fax