Sorting Problems

Many question banks in Problem-Attic can be sorted. Some, such as NY Regents Exams, are sortable by release date. Others, such as Common Core Math, use level of difficulty as the sort criteria. By default, the oldest or easiest problems appear at the top.

The Sort button allows you to change the order of problems

The Sort button lets you reverse the order, putting the newest or most difficult problems first. You won’t see the sort button everywhere in Problem-Attic, but only where a question bank is sortable. Specifically, you’ll see the sort button when viewing topics for:

  • NY Regents Exams (all subjects except ELA)
  • Academic Competitions (math contests)
  • State Math Frameworks
  • Additional Math Subjects such as SAT/ACT prep.

By default the Sort button shows an arrow pointing down. To reverse the order, simply click the Sort button. The arrow will change directions and the newest or most difficult problems will be on top.