Public Frameworks

Problem-Attic has new way of customizing the database called public frameworks. These frameworks are built by users to serve a particular purpose, such as aligning questions to a local curriculum or re-aligning questions from one set of standards to another.

After a framework is built, it can be shared with other Problem-Attic users by providing them with a link. Or it can be shared more publicly, as described here. If you click the link, the framework gets installed into your account. In some ways, this is like installing a phone app or an extension to your web browser. While a framework doesn’t add questions to the database, it lets you see them in a different context, or organized in a different way.

EducAide, the maker of Problem-Attic, is hosting certain frameworks which we’ve helped users create and which we believe will appeal to a wide audience. That is what we mean by public. The frameworks which are now available can be installed from this page.

Please note: if you create a framework, it can be shared privately with other users, or you can post the link on a website. EducAide does not have to be involved. While there are no restrictions on sharing links, there are best practices. See the section below, “Building your own framework”, for more information.

We appreciate your feedback about the public frameworks. If you have suggestions for improving a particular framework, you can send them in an email to and we’ll forward them to the respective authors.

Installation steps

To install a framework, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Public frameworks available for installation. You’ll be asked to log in to Problem-Attic if you haven’t done so already.

  2. Click the blue link for any framework you wish to install. A dialog box will appear asking for confirmation. Click the “Install” button to continue.

  3. Installation is very fast. Afterward, you’ll see a gray badge that says “Installed”. Then, if you like, you can repeat the process for other frameworks.

  4. To view an installed framework and select questions from it, return to the Create page in Problem-Attic. Click the Select tab on the left once or twice so you’re looking at the nine main panels. On the panel called My Database, click the “Installed” link under Other Frameworks.

  5. Each framework you install will appear as its own tab. You can select questions from a framework just as you do anywhere else in the database. One method is to drill down into the standards or topics using your left mouse button. You can review the questions and add whatever you like to your document. Or you can stay at the standards or topics level and use your right mouse button to add questions at random. See this help page to learn more about navigation and selection shortcuts.

Building your own framework

For instructions on building your own framework, see this help page. Also, in case you didn’t know, Problem-Attic has new hierarchy import and alignment tools which greatly speed up the process of creating documents and adding problems to them.

Please contact us if you need any assistance with framework building or installing a public framework. We welcome your comments and suggestions for improving those which are now available.