Additional Math and Science

The additional math and science modules are for school subscribers.  Currently there are six subjects which are oriented toward high schools, though many ACT/SAT questions and about half of the Pre-Alg to Pre-Calc database can be used for math instruction down to sixth or seventh grade.

All questions for additional math and science were written by EducAide Software, the maker of Problem-Attic, and its team of dedicated teachers and curriculum specialists.  There is no overlap with any other database modules, such as academic competitions or state assessments.

The math and science modules have two important design features:

  • The questions are carefully organized by topic, and are ordered from easiest to most difficult.  This makes it much faster to locate the questions you want for a lesson or exam.  (If you like, you can reverse the order in Problem-Attic and view the most difficult questions first.)

  • The questions are written in pairs, like the odd/even questions in a textbook.  This pairing takes advantage of Problem-Attic’s Filter button, where half of the questions can be hidden or kept in reserve for review worksheets, make-up tests, etc.

Note: Problem-Attic has a new option called “parallel forms” that takes advantage of the odd/even pairing. For test security, among other things, you can automatically create forms A and B.  More details are here.

AP Calculus

This database has nearly 3000 questions for AP Calculus.  It is designed for the AB exam, but there is a little extra coverage for BC.  The table of contents shows all of the topics.

table of contents   sample questions

AP Statistics

This database has more than 3200 questions for AP Statistics.  The questions are organized by topic and match up with the newest AP course outline.

table of contents   sample questions

SAT Math Prep.

This database has more than 2400 practice questions for the SAT I test.  We have already begun a revision based on recently-announced changes, so that the database is aligned to Common Core.  (At present, the questions are topically organized.)  While the SAT is nominally a college entrance exam, the questions are excellent for teaching problem-solving in middle and high school grades.

table of contents   sample questions

ACT Math

This database has about 3200 practice questions for the math portion of the ACT.  In contrast to the SAT, ACT questions are curriculum-based, which means they are designed to test whether students have mastered regular topics from pre-algebra through trigonometry.  This makes it relatively easy to integrate the questions into day-to-day instruction or use them for chapter tests and quizzes.

table of contents   sample questions

Pre-Alg to Pre-Calc

This database has approximately 11,000 questions, all free-response and short tasks (no multiple-choice).  With broad and deep coverage of nearly 300 topics, it is intended for daily instruction, homework, quizzes and tests, and it will match up nicely with just about any textbook or math course for grades 7–12.

One notable feature of the Pre-Alg to Pre-Calc database is that it focuses almost entirely on problem-solving.  It has a wide variety of question types, including geometry proofs, column-match, logic, multi-select, and open-ended.  Also, the database is made up almost exclusively of word problems and applications, so the math concepts are highlighted and the skills practice is built-in.

table of contents   sample questions

AP Chemistry

This database has approximately 1540 questions for the newest AP Chemistry curriculum. Two-thirds of the questions are multiple-choice (but most can be converted automatically to free-response in Problem-Attic). The other one-third are short answer, multipart, and essay-type questions.

Please note that AP Chem was released in Oct. 2017 as a “beta” version. This means some work still needs to be done on the database, such as adding some missing answers and re-drawing pictures to make them clearer. Nevertheless, the database is ready to use for real classroom purposes, from homework and review to practice tests. If you happen to spot a mistake, please use the Flag icon on the Select and Arrange pages to report it to us.

table of contents   sample questions