Curriculum frameworks, examples for alignment project

This page has 10 curriculum frameworks which are not currently in Problem-Attic. That is to say, none of the titles appear on the Select pages. It is likely, however, that the database has questions which could be aligned to the frameworks.

Please note that the curriculum frameworks on this page are examples only. We are keen on aligning questions to the International Baccalaureate Programme, to state standards for math, science and social studies, and to various textbooks. What’s on this page is not work that we will necessarily be assigning. It’s meant to help project participants come up with their own ideas for alignment.

The source file (PDF) shows the curriculum framework as it is published. It may come from a website or the table of contents of a textbook. The import file (CSV) puts the information in a more structured format, or hierarchy. This will be used to create documents and folders in Problem-Attic. Notably, the hierarchy will always have at least two levels and a maximum of five. Generally, questions will get aligned only to the lowest level (topics, standards, or lessons). Of course, we will explain all this in the webinar on June 7th.

title source import
TX Science Grade 5 PDF CSV
GA Mathematics Grade 6 PDF CSV
OH Financial Literacy Middle and High PDF CSV
America: A Narrative History (APUSH) PDF CSV
World History: Great Civilizations (Textbook) PDF CSV
IB Biology (Textbook) PDF CSV
IB Mathematics (Textbook) PDF CSV
Academic Pentathlon Science PDF CSV
Museum of Natural History - Earth Science PDF CSV
Save the Bay SF Watershed Curriculum PDF CSV