Common Core Math – Samples

The documents on this page show off many of the formatting options in Problem-Attic and contain about 600 questions from the Common Core math database. Many more are available for viewing—and actual use—in the Play Area.

The documents are PDF files and may be viewed on-screen or printed. While they are formatted in a two-column test layout, they aren’t really designed for assessment or any other classroom purpose. If you’d like to reproduce them, you are welcome to do so; however, you should not extract the contents or remove any copyright notices.

Note: the elementary, middle and high school samples below have a mix of question types, roughly in proportion to the whole CCSS math database. Please keep in mind that Problem-Attic can hide choices about 70% of the time. Questions written as multiple-choice don’t have to be used that way. This option vastly increases the number of free-response questions that are available and makes the database very useful for teaching concepts, not just testing.

For a quick sampling of free-response, multi-step and open-ended questions and tasks (no multiple-choice), click here.

Elementary School  [download all as a single file]

Middle School  [download all as a single file]

High School  [download all as a single file]