Problem-Attic Winter Sale

A Problem-Attic subscription is normally for one year, from July through June.  Under our Winter Sale, a subscription starts now and continues through next school year. There are also discounts based on school size, up to 50% off.

A subscription covers all grades and core subjects.  It gives you additional content—now about 65,000 more questions—plus editing, export, scoring, and other options to help you make the best use of your classroom technology.  You can deliver quizzes through Google, Canvas, Schoology or any other LMS, create slideshows for an interactive whiteboard, post links for blended/online learning, and customize your lessons to meet the needs of every student!

Those advanced features are now available for the rest of this school year and all of the following (through June, 2021).  If you’re at a smaller school, you also get a discounted price, as shown here:

number of students winter sale price code
2000 or more $ 1495 WS2X0
< 2000 $ 1395 WS220
< 1500 $ 1295 WS215
< 1200 $ 1195 WS212
< 1000 $ 1095 WS219
<  800 $  995 WS209
<  600 $  895 WS206
<  400 $  795 WS204
<  200 $  695 WS202

Under the Winter Sale, the subscription period is longer, but don’t delay taking advantage of it.  As soon as you give us the go-ahead (see ordering steps below), you can start making full use of the program.

What’s included

A school subscription provides access to the entire database of questions, a graphics library, reading passage collection, and language-switching between English/Spanish (for elementary math).  It also opens up the technology side of the program, such as the live math editor, automatic creation of parallel forms, export of questions to a learning management system, and much more.  Notably, these technology options work with the for-pay content and the 200,000 questions which are freely available on Problem-Attic, making them all editable and deliverable electronically.

If you’d like more details about what’s included in a school subscription, you can log in to Problem-Attic and click Plans in the main menu.  You can also try most subscription options in the Play Area.  Toward the bottom of this page are links with more information.

Price quotes, etc.

The ordering process is described below.  To request a price quote, follow the same steps.  You’ll see the option on the school subscription form.  Please note:

  • We don’t require pre-payment or a PO before activating a subscription.  You can be up-and-running with Problem-Attic shortly after we receive your subscription form and verify your school information.

  • School-wide subscriptions are for teachers at one site, as defined in our terms of service.  If you’re interested in district-wide use, we offer very nice quantity discounts.  Please contact us for details.

  • For vendor registration, here is a signed W9 form and sole source letter.

Thank you for considering this purchase.  We appreciate your support very much, and we are certain you’ll find Problem-Attic to be one of the best teacher resources and most-loved programs at your school.

Subscription Form

A school subscription can be activated very quickly.  To get started, you should provide the following instructions to the person who will be responsible for adding teachers and who will serve as our main contact.  We refer to that person as the “administrator”.

  1. Sign up for a free Problem-Attic account (if you haven’t done so already) and log in.
  2. Click Plans on the main menu and choose Subscription form.
  3. Assuming you’re a registered user, click the button Continue to Form.
  4. Type in your school information.
  5. Select a payment method or “No order yet” if you just want a price quote.
  6. Enter the appropriate code for your school size, as shown in the table above.  When determining enrollment, you can round down to the nearest 20.
  7. Read the school terms.  If they are acceptable, click the Submit button.

Problem-Attic will send an email confirming receipt of the form.  Our turnaround time for activating a school subscription is usually one day, provided we have complete information, including the name and email address of the administrator.

Additional Details

The Winter Sale ends 4/30/2020.  Payment terms are net 30 days.  The subscription period lasts to 6/30/2021.

For each subscribing school, there must be an administrator who manages the account and is responsible for adding/removing teachers.  The subscription has a limit of 60 teachers; all must be employed at the school.  Documents may be shared between teachers at the school but not posted on any district website unless all schools are similarly-licensed for Problem-Attic.

Maintaining the list of authorized users is easy.  Teacher email addresses are uploaded through a simple text file, or one-at-a-time, and the administrator can appoint a “deputy” to help.  Problem-Attic sends emails automatically to the teachers, telling them how to get started.  More information is here.

For licensing purposes, a school district office does not meet the definition of a school site.  This is explained in the terms.  If district officials wish to use Problem-Attic, then all schools need to be licensed.  Quantity discounts are available, and these may be in addition to the small school discounts above.

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W9 form  Sole source letter  NJ corp. cert.
NYC DOE vendor number is EDU025000

phone: 800-669-9405 (hours are 8:30–5:00 Pacific time)