Subscription Plans – Compare

Free Single-user School-wide
125,000 questions from:
  • state-released tests & curriculum documents
  • U.S. and international assessments
  • NY Regents exams
  • academic competitions
Create and download PDF documents
add formula charts, share links
Test/worksheet, overhead, flashcard and calendar templates
Adjust font size and style, headers, labels
Organize documents in folders
Share documents with public links
Add, Filter and Sort buttons
Convert multiple-choice to free-response; set and modify objectives; insert griddables and custom answer spaces
Technology extensions
  • Create slideshows and online tests
  • Scoring app for real-time formative assessment
  • Include QR Codes on PDFs and slideshows
  • Share through Google Classroom
  • Export a quiz to your LMS (Schoology, Canvas,
    ItsLearning, Haiku, Moodle)
Mark favorite problems; create your own database module
Additional math coverage
  • 35,000 standards-based questions for grades 1–12,
    Common Core, Texas, Virginia and Oklahoma.
  • 30,000 questions for Pre-Alg to Pre-Calc, AP Calculus, AP Stats, ACT and SAT math
Collaborative development tools, sharing of database modules and custom curriculum frameworks
API for linking Problem-Attic to other software, such as gradebooks and curriculum management systems.
P-A Countdown, a fun and stimulating game that’s also a demonstration app for the Problem-Attic API.