About the Site

Problem-Attic is a product of EducAide Software, which has a long history of developing standards-based questions and teaching/learning tools. Our motto says it all, “Since 1990 we’ve been bridging the gap between instruction, assessment and technology!”

We developed Problem-Attic for several reasons. One is public-minded. We wanted to contribute to the education community by making a large body of questions available for free, for blended and personalized learning and real formative assessment (by which we mean classroom-level). A second reason, we have to admit, is a little more self-serving: we wanted to show off our company’s new web technologies.

For many years, EducAide published a database system for teachers called Acces. It was loaded with sophisticated options for formatting questions, creating tests and worksheets and other kinds of classroom materials, and exporting questions to other formats, such as slideshows for interactive whiteboards. But it had one big limitation: it was a desktop app, and not all of its capabilities could be ported to the web.

Thus we built Problem-Attic. And to make sure the system would scale up and offer a friendly and convenient way to select questions, we set a high bar for ourselves. We decided, as a very first step, to move in tens of thousands of questions from New York Regents exams, state assessments, NAEP and TIMSS, and three excellent math contests from North Carolina.

More specifically, we began with about 30 years’ of Regents exams, which are freely available as PDF files but not so easy to search through or “re-purpose”. We also looked beyond them for other proven, well-respected questions. Then we entered all of the questions into a database, re-organized them by topic, and made them individually selectable and re-formattable. Now they can be inserted into all kinds of new documents: tests and quizzes, worksheets, flash cards, and overheads. Best of all, you get to create these documents. For free. Wow!

The New York Regents and other state assessments cover all major subjects: mathematics, science, social studies and English—and they are very high quality, challenging, and rich with graphics. While the Regents Exams and math competitions are are mostly for secondary schools, the state and national assessments, including NAEP, TIMSS and PISA, provide great questions all the way down to third grade.

If you haven’t yet tried Problem-Attic, please do so. We think you’ll really like the program and you’ll find many uses for it, whether you are a teacher, homeschooler, parent, education researcher, tutor or anyone who wants to see the promise of a digital classroom!

Please note: although there is no charge for accessing any of the questions that we re-publish, they are still copyrighted individually or as a collection. Thus there are restrictions on what you can do with them and how you can use the web site. You should read about and understand the restrictions in the Terms of Service. They won’t cramp your style, and they are important for keeping the New York Regents and other questions freely available in Problem-Attic.

When you get a chance, please tell us what you think of the site. We’ll keep trying to make it better. Thanks for visiting!

—EducAide Software, the maker of www.problem-attic.com