Try Features in the Play Area

Want to try Problem-Attic’s newest technology features? They’re all available in the Play Area—no need to subscribe. With a database of about 4000 sample questions, you can create online tests and slideshows, use the scoring app, export a quiz to your LMS, and more!

Getting to the Play Area is easy. You just log in to Problem-Attic and click Play Area in the main menu (top of the screen). When you’re done, click Create or Organize or simply log out.


In the Play Area, you’ll see the title of your document just below the main menu. By default, the title is “Feature Evaluation”. To change it, click Rename.

The Select, Arrange, Format and Make PDF tabs work the same in the Play Area as in the regular part of Problem-Attic. However, you will see many additional options. For example, when selecting questions, there are buttons called Add, Filter and Sort. The latter is especially helpful for the Common Core math samples. It puts the easiest or most difficult questions on top. Please see online help and CCSS math info.

After you’ve selected some sample questions, you can see how Problem-Attic supports your other classroom technology and how it can be used for blended and personalized learning. In the Play Area, the Export and Score tabs are live. Be sure to click them and try these options:

  • Slideshows

    Problem-Attic can host a slideshow for you, for projection on any screen. Or else you can download a PowerPoint or native file for SMART, Promethean and other interactive whiteboards. The slideshows are great for quick quizzes, lessons, review, daily warmups, etc.

  • Online tests and worksheets

    With these options, you can deliver questions to any web-enabled device: smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, etc. You’ll see options for both interactive and non-interactive documents, one problem per page or continuous. (“Interactive” means students submit answers online.) You can even post links directly to Google Classroom.

  • Scoring app

    The scoring app has all kinds of options for formative assessment and self-paced learning. It works with all questions in Problem-Attic and any type of document: PDF, slideshow, or online test/worksheet. It handles free-response as well as multiple-choice, and it allows students to access a test or answer sheet with a QR code—very cool!

  • Export a quiz to your LMS

    Problem-Attic’s scoring app, while highly versatile, does not connect to an SIS or track student progress. It doesn’t have to! With the press of a button, you can export a quiz and then deliver it through your learning management system (LMS). Currently, there are options for Schoology and Canvas; other common formats will be available soon. For instructions in importing a quiz, please click here

There is more to try in the Play Area than what’s listed above, including a full-featured editor, more formatting options, and a way to convert multiple-choice to free-response—automatically. Please look for the Gear icon (problem properties) and the Edit and Write New Problem buttons when you’re selecting or arranging problems. For more information about the editor and other program features described here, please see online help

Note: If you modify an existing question, you won’t hurt anything in the database. You’re actually working with a copy of the question, not the original.

There is no time limit to the Play Area and you can return as often as you like. There are just a few differences from the regular part of Problem-Attic that you should know about:

  • You can browse and select questions only from the sample database.
  • You can create only one “active” document, but you can add/remove questions, change the title, and preview/print multiple versions of it.
  • You cannot share your document with other teachers (there’s no public link). Also, any edits that you make are lost if you return to the Play Area and start a new document.

We hope you’ll enjoy the Play Area and the additional features that come with a subscription. For details about a subscription, single-user or school-wide, click here. We appreciate your support!