Do More with your Classroom Technology!

So, you’ve signed up for Problem-Attic and discovered its amazing database of questions, and you’ve been happily producing beautiful, customized PDFs.  Why stop there?  Problem-Attic enhances all of your existing classroom technology and supports blended learning, BYOD, and one-to-one initiatives.

Please check out the technology features below.  If you’re a subscriber, you can access them everywhere in Problem-Attic.  If you’re not a subscriber, the features are totally free in the Play Area, along with 4000 sample questions.

❶ To reach the Play Area, log in and click the option in the main menu (top of the screen).

❷ Select a few questions.  Please keep mind that the samples are a very small portion of what’s in Problem-Attic.  To learn about its coverage of state standards for mathematics, and how the questions are developed, click here.  To learn about the Add, Filter and Sort buttons, please see online help.

Create a slideshow for an interactive lesson, bell ringer, or end-of-class activity.  Click Export-button3 For the format, choose ‘web-based’.  Set options and press Continue.


bright ideas

let students view a slideshow on their laptops or tablets

download a PowerPoint® for your interactive whiteboard

hide answer choices; work through questions as free-response

❹ Now make an online test—​go paperless!  Return to the Play Area and click Export-button3 This time choose ‘Online test’. Set options and press Continue.


flip your classroom

choose questions that go with your curriculum

attach an online test to a video or internet lesson

post links for personalized learning and self-evaluation

❺ Show off your tech savviness with QR codes.  In the Play Area, click the Format tab.  For template, choose Flashcards (a nice alternative to a test).  Click the option ‘Show QR code’, then click Preview-button3 When the PDF appears, use your smartphone’s QR reader to open the student scoring page.  Submit your answers.


❻ You’ve gotten this far?  Great!  The Scoring App is next.  Go to the Play Area and click Score-button3 You’ll see your submissions for the online test or flashcards.  Check out the Class, Student and Problem tabs.  Here’s more info for free-response questions and manual scoring.


try this

let students choose answer sheet or online test, based on their screen size

use the Scoring App for group activities, games, and take-home tests

choose the email option to receive student work in your inbox

❼ Problem-Attic has a very sophisticated problem editor.  In the Play Area, click the Arrange tab.  Then click Edit-button on one of the problem thumbnails.  Or, if you prefer, write a new problem.  Check out the support for images, formulas, tables and font icons.  Notice how multiple choice answers are done as a list.  All the details for the editor are here.

❽ There’s still more!  Speed up selection with the Add, Filter and Sort buttons.  Convert multiple-choice to free-response—​you’ll get much more use out the database.  And explore problem properties on the Arrange page.  You can adjust workspace, switch between one and two columns, set objectives, etc.

What’s ahead:  document sharing, creating and publishing your own database of questions, lots more content and a Problem-Attic API, which lets you extend the scoring and reporting options, deliver questions through other software, and build your own app.  Now that’s educational technology for the 21st century!

Ready to subscribe?  Here are useful links:
Introduction for teachers
Subscription options
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