Subscription Details — School-Wide

Problem-Attic makes available more than 125,000 questions from many well-respected sources—totally free! It is not necessary to subscribe or pay anything to access these questions. All teachers at your school can start making documents right away just by signing up for a free account.

As an option, you can subscribe to Problem-Attic and get additional content and program features. The price is $995 for a one-year school-wide subscription.

Here’s what teachers will get:

• 35,000 questions for state standards (Common Core, Texas, Virginia and Oklahoma)

The questions are all original; there is no overlap with NY Regents or state released tests. The questions were developed by EducAide Software and cover grade 1 through high school. They can be used for regular classroom instruction, tests and quizzes, and alternative assessments. For Texas and Oklahoma, all questions are multiple-choice, although most can be converted to free-response. For Common Core and Virginia, about 75% are multiple-choice. The other 25% are free-response, multi-step and open-ended. There are typically 1000 to 2000 questions per grade with an overall average of 40–60 per standard. Please see details and sample documents.

• Scoring app for smartphones, tablets and browsers

The scoring app is a way to get test results instantly and create interactive lessons and classroom activities. While the app is not meant to track student progress—it works without you having to upload a class roster—results can be exported to most grading programs. You can try the app in the Play Area.

Watch a Video: Formative Assessment

• Online tests and interactive slideshows

Problem-Attic has amazing export options! Teachers can turn any Problem-Attic document into an online test for tablets and browsers, or into a slideshow for interactive whiteboards and student response systems. This makes possible a fully digital classroom, from the selection of content right through delivery and scoring. Paper use goes down while student engagement goes up!

Watch a Video: Interactive Slideshows

• A full-featured editor

The editor is specifically designed for question-writing, with lots of time-saving features for introductory material (stimulus), floating figures, tables, and multiple-choice blocks. You can use it write new questions or modify any question in Problem-Attic. Please see screenshots or give the editor a try in the Play Area.

• Filter and select options

Problem-Attic has sophisticated filter options that help teachers view/select only odd or even problems or problems not yet used. There's also a filter by problem type (e.g., multiple-choice or free-response), and an Add button to select all or a random number of problems in a category. These options make selection more efficient help with the creation of all kinds of classroom materials.

• Turn multiple-choice into free-response

Problem-Attic is very smart when it comes to multiple-choice vs. free response: it knows when questions can have their choices hidden. In effect, this enlarges the database by some 90,000 questions, because they work equally well for for instruction (homework, warm-ups, review) and assessment. Questions can be turned into free-response with the click of mouse, either one-at-a-time or across an entire document.

• AND much more coming soon!

We're continuing to add features to Problem-Attic. Later this year school subscribers will have new database development tools (for creating custom modules or re-organizing what's already in Problem-Attic) and an open API for more advanced delivery and scoring options.

How it Works

You can order a school subscription by credit card, by submitting a P.O., or by direct billing (our terms are net 30 days). To get started, you can fill out a subscription form and request a price quote.

School subscriptions are available in the U.S. and Canada only, support up to sixty teachers at one site, and renew annually. A school subscription purchased now is valid through 6/30/2017.

Please see the school subscription terms and subscription steps for more information.

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